QualityLogic IEEE 2030.5 CA Rule 21 Workshop

Hosted by Intertek
NOVEMBER 13 - 14, 2019
Menlo Park, CA

About This Workshop


By January 22, 2020, any smart inverters or gateways to utilities for communicating with them must be certified to the CA Rule 21 CSIP requirements. Time is running out if your products are subject to these requirements. 

And implementing IEEE 2030.5 isn’t simple. Our analysis shows that 18 (out of 30) IEEE 2030.5 Function Sets will need to be implemented to satisfy the Common Smart Inverter Profile (CSIP) for CA Rule 21.

This 2-day workshop presented by QualityLogic and hosted by Intertek will help you get over the hurdles that IEEE 2030.5 implementation presents. It will also provide you with a solid and practical technical understanding of IEEE 2030.5 and CSIP.

In addition to the training from QualityLogic, you'll receive an introduction to Intertek’s certification services and global solutions for total quality assurance.

Join us in sunny California November 13 and 14 at Intertek's Menlo Park offices located at:

1365 Adams Ct, Menlo Park, CA 94025

This two day workshop is only $1,695. Register today!

The Presenter

Steve Kang
Senior VP of Engineering, QualityLogic

Steve directs the development of all QualityLogic test products, including those for Smart Grid, Imaging and Fax/Telecom industries. His long history directing and managing engineering organizations includes positions at AHT, Inc., Sun Microsystems, Xerox Corporation, and Colorbus. Steve has developed technical strategy and managed both engineering and software application development groups. He holds an MS in computer science from USC and an MBA from UCLA Anderson School.


Day one: Wednesday, November 13

Session 1
- Smart grid landscape
- 2030.5 purpose
- CSIP’s guide to Rule 21
Session 2
IEEE 2030.5 Introduction
- Open standards
- Discovery process
- Function sets and categories
- Servers and clients
- Security
Session 3
Function Sets/Categories
- IEEE 2030.5 conventions
- Device capability
- Basic resources (design, end device, time)
Session 4
Support and Common Resources
- IEEE 2030.5 conventions
- Device capability
- Basic resources (design, end device, time)
Session 5
Smart Energy Function Sets
- DER and DERP
- Metering and mirrored meter
- Pricing
- Events and randomization
Session 6
Rule 21 & CSIP Overview
- Core functionality
- DER functions
- Usage scenarios
Session 7
CSIP Communications
- Scenarios: inverter, aggregator, EMS
- 2030.5 communications, security, and authorization
Session 8
CSIP Basic Functions
- DER devices, groups, events, and controls
- Scheduling and prioritization

Day two: Thursday, November 14

Session 9
CSIP & IEEE 2030.5 Function Sets
- High-level architecture
- 2030.5 function sets
- Inverter identification/end device
Session 10
- Group assignment of inverters
- Utility server start-up
- Utility/aggregator operations
- DER controls and curves
Session 11
CSIP Aggregator Client
- Polling
- Subscription/notification
- Example usages
Session 12
DER Event Scenarios
- Simple event scenario
- Multiple events scenario
- Conflicting events scenario
- Rules of 2030.5 event handling
Session 13
Meter Data, Status, and Alarms
- Metered data from DERs
- Status information from DERs
- Alarms from DERs
- Error handling
Session 14
Introduction to QualityLogic Tools
- Testing CSIP using QualityLogic tools
- Functions Test suit tool
- Ad-hoc test tool
Session 15
Conformance and Certification
- CSIP and SunSpec
- SunSpec DER test plan
- SunSpec certification program

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The Venue

Intertek at Menlo Park

1365 Adams Ct, Menlo Park, CA 94025